Application for TYC Swim Program

To enroll, please complete the following application.

Please review class descriptions here.  Swim instructors will verify skill level and place students in the appropriate class.

Terms and Conditions

 I/we, being the parent/legal guardian of the above children, in consideration of the acceptance of our child/ward as a participant in the TYC Swim Program, do hereby acknowledge that participation in said program poses certain inherent risks which cannot be avoided and acknowledge that we are accepting the risks. 

 I/We further release the TIVERTON YACHT CLUB, its Board of Directors, and Swim program committee, their agents, and employees from any and all claims for injury, damages, or death arising as a result of our child/ward’s participation in this program.

 I/We further accept responsibility for the actions of our child/ward while attending the Swim Program, and will be responsible to the TIVERTON YACHT CLUB for any damages or harm caused by our child/ward to the property or person of another.