TYC Membership

Membership Chair = Craig Rachupka  rachupka@cox.net 

Types of Membership and associated Dues:

1. Family (applicant who has a spouse or significant other living in the same household; children under 22 years old living with them in the same household).  $660.00 per year

2. Couple (applicant who has a spouse or significant other living in the same household; no children living with them).  $525.00 per year

3. Single (no spouse or significant other living in the same household and no children).  $385.00 per year

4. Senior (a member who is 65 years or older who is single or a couple, without children or grandchildren. Member must be a TYC member in good standing for ten consecutive years.  Member  shall make written request for Senior Membership status).  $385.00 per year


The Process for Tiverton Yacht Club Membership 

1. Complete the membership application below in its entirety. 

2. Pay the $200 application fee.  Please note the $200 application fee is non-refundable.  Once voted to membership, the $200 application fee will be applied to your first year's membership dues.

3. Have an interview with a member of the TYC Membership Committee if you do not have a current member of the TYC to sponsor you. Once your application is submitted and you have paid the $200 application fee, the TYC Membership Committee will reach out and schedule an interview.  For applicants that are sponsored by a current TYC member, the TYC member shall contact the Membership Committee on behalf of the applicant.

Please note there is a waitlist to join the Tiverton Yacht Club and applicants can expect at least one year to be voted to the membership. 

As a condition of TYC Membership, every member is required to volunteer and participate in one of the following capacities each year: Fill a position on the TYC Board of Directors, Actively serve on a TYC committee, participate in a work weekend or volunteer in some capacity for special projects.




Types of Membership
Membership Dues
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