About the TYC Program

With a fleet of over 24 club sail boats TYC operates a high quality junior sailing program in the Narragansett Bay Area. Our focus is seamanship, safety, fun and racing. TYC is located in a wonderful sailing location, with access to the Sakonnet River to the South, Mount Hope Bay to the North and a perfect sailing cove (Blue Bell Cove) to the West. The Cove is an ideal location for children to learn sailing in a safe and fun environment.

Our Mission:

Our program is committed to developing sailors with these skills and values: SAFETY, FUN, SPORTSMANSHIP and RESPECT for the waters on which we sail.


TYC operates a beginner and intermediate and learn to race sailing program for ages 6 to 17 years.

The sailing program operates June - August





TYC Youth Sailing Handbook


This handbook contains all the information you need to know about the Sail Training season. It includes required apparel, expectations about behavior and use of the boats and equipment. Safety is our top priority.  Safety practices must be implemented to ensure an educational and fun experience for the children. We encourage students to participate in races hosted by Narragansett Bay Yachting Association (NBYA). Our instructors will strive to assure that all students, regardless of age and class level, will have ample support and encouragement for competitive and non-competitive sailing opportunities.

■ Teach student sailors the life skills required in boat handling, sailing, and seamanship.
■ Develop sportsmanship, respect for the sea, and ownership of boats and equipment.
■ Develop self-confidence and teamwork skills in a cooperative learning environment.
■ Foster respect for instructors and fellow students.
■ Provide a FUN experience for racers and recreational sailors.

 Parents are responsible for the following items:
■ Parents must report allergies/medications on the Medical Consent form.
■ Morning drop off times are 9:00am Mon-Fri. 
■ Afternoon pick up times are 4:00pm Mon - Fri. 

■ Life jackets and other gear should have name labels.
■ Review this handbook with your child.
■ Volunteer! Volunteerism keeps our program going. There will be opportunities to volunteer throughout the year at TYC. (Regatta parents, carpooling, regattas, boat work, awards night, beach clean up, events - fundraising, dock work)


★ Life jacket (PFD- personal floatation device) US Coast Guard Type III (vest style).
★ Whistle attached to PFD.
★ Closed Toe Footwear must be worn all times- no bare feet or flip flops at any time.
★ Sun block SPF 30, or stronger.
★ Reusable Water bottle– no glass, no single use water bottles.
★ Lunch plenty of snacks in a cooler or lunch box
★ Hat- adequate to protect from sun.
★ Rain gear
★ Long sleeve SPF or swim rash guard top. Dress or send adequate clothing with your child for the daily weather. Remember sailors are
outside all day.
★ Towel


■ All children must be walked up the steps for check in.  
■ Parking is permitted in designated areas on Riverside Drive only.
■ There is strictly no parking in front of the clubhouse,at the bottom of the clubhouse steps, or in the TYC shared driveway. 
■ If you have any relatives or grandparents or caretakers that will be picking up your child, you must notify the TYC Sailing Program Director, in writing. Any adult we are unfamiliar with may be asked for ID


All parents attest that their child can swim when signing up for the sailing program.

■ All students must participate in a swim check given during the first week of class. Tiller Tamers will have an age appropriate swim check.
■ Life jackets must be worn and fastened at ALL times on the water, in boats and on the docks.


■ Most exercises will be done in Blue Bell Cove “the cove on this chart” or off of Island Park Beach. Boats should sail in close formation
and with nearby safety boat supervision when crossing the Basin.
■ Boats should use the main channel at all time when passing under the Hummocks Bridge.
■ At Program Director and Instructor’s discretion, sailors may also sail the Sakonnet River and Mt. Hope Bay just North of Sakonnet


■ Each student is responsible for the boat he/she has been assigned each day. Students must report any damage or equipment failure
immediately to their instructor. A checklist of boat parts and equipment will be used daily to properly maintain the boats. Students will be held accountable for damage caused due to negligence. Parents will be billed for the cost of repairing the damage.


■ Students are required to follow ALL behavioral/conduct policies.
■ Students are required to treat instructors and other students with respect and consideration at all times, and to obey all instructions
promptly, especially when on the water.
■ Observe the boundaries, both on and off the water on the shore, as determined by the instructors.
■ No running across the road. Cross the road ONLY at the crosswalk.
■ Running and excessive noise are not permitted on the docks or in the pool area.
■ Strong and disrespectful language is forbidden.
■ Students are responsible for cleaning-up lunch/snack litter.
■ Salt-water swimming is allowed only with an instructor’s permission.
■ The club pool can only be used at designated times for the Sailing Program, when instructors and lifeguards are present.
■ Boats and equipment are to be treated with care and respect.

■ Cell phone use will be prohibited unless with permission for transportation/parent communication. 


■ Consequences for failure to observe the above rules and guidelines vary according to the nature of the infraction, but can include loss of privileges.
■ Any verbal or physical abuse, or if your child’s behavior jeopardizes his/her own or another’s safety, will result in early dismissal from
the class and a warning to both the parent and student.
■ If a second serious infraction occurs, the parent will be required to meet with an instructor and a designated member of the Youth Sailing program
Committee to discuss the misbehavior and develop a plan to avoid further incidents.
■ If a third serious infraction occurs, the parent will be asked immediately to remove the child from the club premises. No refund will be made and the child will be ineligible to participate in the future.

PARENTS OF STUDENTS who travel to Regattas:

■ Parents of the racing students are responsible for helping transport boats and sailors to and from regatta events. If the trailer is used,
parents will be asked to participate in loading and unloading of the boats.
■ Parents must accept full responsibility if their child is using a club boat in a regatta.
■ Parents will be responsible to cover the cost of any damage/breakage to club boats caused by negligence or misuse.


■ Instructors and students are responsible for all boats used during each daily class session, including sailboats and safety boats. Damage/equipment failure must be brought to the attention of the attention of the instructor and program director.
■ Safety precautions must be maintained at all times. Passengers and operators are to remain seated in a moving boat. Tomfoolery is forbidden.


■ First Aid Kits will be on all safety boats. Instructors will maintain first aid kits during the course of the summer. A first aid kit will be also
at the club in an accessible area.
■ Hand-held Marine VHF radios. Channel 16 is the coast guard.
■ A throwable device, towline, tool kit and pump or bailer and any equipment that is required by state or federal rules.


■ The TYC instructors and Program Director will monitor the day’s weather forecast and make the decision to keep classes on shore if the weather
conditions/forecast is unfavorable. Alternative onshore activities will be planned in advanced. If inclement weather arrives while on the water instructors are trained for such situations and shall communicate with each other and the sailing program director and all boats and will provide an appropriate plan for the situation. 


■ All US Sailing Instructors are trained and hold current First Aid and CPR certifications.
■ If an accident/emergency occurs while on the water, Sailing instructors will immediately render assistance and use their hand-held VHF
radios to contact the Program Director. In a life threatening emergency instructors should call 911 immediately, then notify
the program director via VHF radio or cell phone if necessary.
■ In the event of a life threatening emergency an instructor will call 911 and request an on the water rescue. State your position to the 911
operator and go to the nearest public ramp if available, relay this information to 911 personnel.
■ If the Instructor cannot get through to emergency personnel, he/she will call the Coast Guard on Channel 16.
■ If an accident occurs in Tiverton Basin, the Sakonnet River or Mount Hope Bay, an ambulance will be sent to the Riverside Drive boat ramp (under the Sakonnet Bridge). or to the closest ramp available boathouse or riverside bait shop.
■ If an accident occurs in Blue Bill Cove, the ambulance will be sent to Portsmouth Town Ramp on the west shore of the Cove.
■ Before classes begin, instructors will test their VHF radios boat to boat and boats to Director to assure that the units and frequencies work.
■ All significant safety-related incidents will be recorded by a member of the Sail Training Committee and reported to the Board of Directors.

ELECTRONICS & SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES: (everyone at TYC is required to follow these guidelines)

■ I will not post anything online that may intentionally cause harm, distress or embarrassment to others.
■ I will not “like” or “share” anything that may be disrespectful to others or cause them hurt or embarrassment. I will remember that by
doing so I am endorsing the same sentiments as the post.
■ I will only use my device at times and locations where I have been given permission by an instructor or adult. I will stop using my device
immediately if an instructor asks me to do so.
■ I understand that I am responsible for taking care of my device throughout the day.
■ I will not post photos or videos of my friends without their permission, especially if I think they wouldn’t approve.
■ I will speak to a trusted adult if I see anything online that makes me feel nervous, uncomfortable or threatened in any way.
■ I will understand that the world is full of people with vastly different values and beliefs. I will keep that in mind before making judgments
of other online.
■ I will take the time to walk away and think before posting anything online when I am angry or mad.
■ I will remember that nothing is ever really private online, so I will only post things I am happy for the rest of the world to see.

*I agree to abide by these guidelines throughout my time at the TYC.


Class Descriptions


The TYC Sail Training Program is open to all. Non-members are able to enroll for one year without joining the club. Any non-members on the current waitlist are also eligible to enroll. Families who hold a current, paid family membership, will receive a discounted session fee.

Prerequisite for all sail training classes:

Students must be able to swim independently and successfully pass a swim test at the beginning of the season.

Session Dates:

All classes will run from June 19-August 11.
Many classes have an option of a 4 week session. Advanced classes are available exclusively as an 8 week session to provide the sailors an appropriate stretch of time to learn and develop more challenging skills. Available options will be listed below each class description. Please direct any questions to Emily Johnson, Sail Training Committee Chair at

Tiller Tamers Ages 5-8

This class is for our youngest sailors. Students must have completed Kindergarten. Activities are run on the water and on shore. Children in this class sail with instructors. in our Hunter 140's or our Flying Scot. Children participate in sailing class, basic safety on the dock and in boats, an intro to basic knots, as well as beachside lessons. This class also includes a half hour of swim lessons in the club’s pool to gain confidence on the water.


Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00 - 12:30


8 week session (June 19-Aug 11) Member $800 / Non-Member $1000
4 week session I (June 19 - July 14 *NO CLASS ON JULY 4TH) Member $450 / Non-Member $570

4 week session II (July 17 - August 11) Member $480/ Non-Member $600

Beginner Opti: Ages 8-10

This class is for sailors who are beginner optimist sailors. Students sail in TYC Optimist dinghies with club sails. The emphasis of this class is the introduction to sailing and to help the participant become comfortable in a small boat. Skills that will be emphasized include: - safety on the water, building an understanding of rules of the road and points of sail, and encouraging independent safety skills that are the foundation for productive sailing. These skills are taught both on and off the water using a variety of fun activities. The focus - rigging, de-rigging, steering, capsize and recovery. The groundwork in this program is important to building a high level of confidence in the beginning sailor. Generally, this class will be sailing 2 per boat.


Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00 - 4:00

8 week session (June 19-Aug 11) Member $960 / Non-Member $1160
4 week session I (June 19 - July 14 *NO CLASS ON JULY 4TH) Member $550 / Non-Member $670

4 week session II (July 17 - August 11) Member $580 Non-Member $700

Intermediate Opti: Ages 10+

This class is for sailors who have completed a session of the Opti Kids program and are eager for more sailing. Students sail in TYC optimist dinghies. Students signing up for this class should be able to rig an optimist independently, launch and land their boat and sail on a reach independently. This class will remain focused on safety and confidence in the boat. The focus will be on boat handling, proper terminology, learning the points of sail and tacking and gybing with confidence.


Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00 - 4:00


8 week session (June 19-Aug 11) Member $960 / Non-Member $1160
4 week session I (June 19 - July 14 *NO CLASS ON JULY 4TH) Member $550 / Non-Member $670

4 week session II (July 17 - August 11) Member $580 Non-Member $700

Race Competition Team: ages 10+

This is a half day class for experienced sailors who have completed or are currently enrolled in Opti Advanced, 420s, or equivalent classes. The focus will be on race strategy and regatta prep. This team fee will include 6 hrs per week of on water coaching as well as a place on our race team to represent the club at local regattas as schedules allow. This class fee also includes coach support at a minimum of 3 events which occur on days separate from this scheduled class. Students in this class will be given preference to boat availability for 420 events. Opti Racers will need to provide their own boats.Parents will be involved to coordinate carpools, drive sailors to and from regatta sites, and trailer boats as needed. *This class is subject to change dependent on enrollment. There is a minimum number of students required.


Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:00-4:00

Cost: 8 week session (June 19-Aug 11) Member $800 / Non-Member $1000

Adventure Sailing: ages 10+

This class is for beginner and intermediate sailors. The emphasis of this class is sailing for enjoyment. This is our adventure sailing class where we emphasize seamanship, fun, and boat handling basics. This class will take place in a variety of boats based on comfort and skill level. This can be chosen as a two, three or five day per week class.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00-4:00

Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-4:00


T/Th 8 week session (June 19-Aug 11) Member $960 / Non-Member $1160
T/Th 4 week session I (June 19 - July 14 *NO CLASS ON JULY 4TH) Member $550 / Non-Member $670

T/Th 4 week session II (July 17 - Aug 11) Member $580 / Non-Member $700
M/W/F 8 week session (June 19-Aug 11) Member $1440 / Non- Member $1640
M/W/F 4 week session I (June 19 - July 14) Member $860 / Non-Member $980
M/W/F 4 week session II (July 17 - Aug 11) Member $860 / Non-Memer $980

Advanced Opti: Ages 10+

This is a class for experienced Optimist sailors ages 10 and up. Students in these classes will sail Optimist Dinghies. Optimist sailors will participate in the TYC Optimist club series. Racing rules will be introduced and studied along with race course tactics and boat speed and proper rigging and sportsmanship. The focus of this class is developing more advanced boat handling skills with an introduction to racing tactics and strategy. Parental volunteers are vital to this program. Parents are needed to coordinate carpools, drive sailors to and from regatta sites and trailer boats.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00-4:00


8 week session (June 19-Aug 11) Member $1440 / Non-Member $1640

Club 420s: Ages 13 +

This class is for Intermediate to Advanced Sailors ages 13 and up. It is an all day class for sailors who have completed Opti Racing/OPen Skiff or equivalent intermediate sailing and would like to learn more about racing and sailing 420's. This class takes place in TYC Club/Collegiate 420 boats. Students in this class will participate in the TYC regatta series also known at TYC as the Fonseca trophy. Safety skills and proper capsizing drill for double handed sailing will be taught. In addition all students will learn the basics of skipper/crew communication, racing rules, sportsmanship, spinnaker trim, tacking and gybing and proper rigging and boat maintenance. Students in this class will be able to participate in NBYA regattas if they choose. Students will need to provide their own trapeze harness that is current with safety standards and appropriately sized for the student. Parents are needed to coordinate carpools, drive sailors to and from regatta sites and trailer boats.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00-4:00

8 week session (June 19-Aug 11) Member $1440 / Non-Member $1640


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